goals for 2015

As well as being a time for reflection, ’tis also the season for setting goals. Here are mine for the coming year…

  1. Finishing a half marathon
  2. Reducing my 5km time. Anything closer to 30 mins will make me happy
  3. ‘Run sensible’ and injury free – listen to my body and do what it needs, not necessarily what I feel like
  4. Increase my running habit, gently and carefully. Aiming for 4x per week
  5. Try out a trail event
  6. Get back to my happy running weight (which was about 10kgs ago – oops!)
  7. Run as many parkruns as I can
  8. Volunteer at parkrun
  9. Be a parkrun tourist at any opportunity I get
  10. Most importantly, ‘run happy’ (as the lovely people at Brooks say) and remember why I run – because it clears my head, makes me smile and makes me an all-round nicer person to be around.

I probably should add #11 – I will not be a slave to my goals. They are goals, not mandatory edicts that must be fulfilled. I like having something to think about and aim for but #10 really is the most important reason I run and the rest is just ‘stuff’.

What are your running goals for 2015?

running bucket list

I’m passionate about travelling as well as running so it seems only natural that I have various running events finding their way onto my travelling bucket list. Here are a selection of those nearest the top…

a run Disney event
I’m not picky which event – they all look like fun. And I love the inclusive atmosphere and attitude that I’ve read about in the race recaps of those who’ve done the events – helping those of us who run slowly still feel part of the event.

Rock ‘n’ roll marathon – Las Vegas
I’ve been to Vegas and swore it was the kind of place I’d only go once. This event has made me change my mind. This sounds like all kinds of fun ๐Ÿ™‚

Australian Outback Marathon
I was lucky enough to travel through central Australia a few years ago and was completely mesmerised by the scenery, the people and the general ‘hugeness’ of the place.ย This running festival gives participant chance to run through the amazing outback. The course is around Yulara and the event entry is a package which includes accommodation, meals and activities, therefore perfect for those who love travel and running. Am definitely going to do this one. Soon.

3M running festival
I’m a self-confessed post-it note junkie so the thought of combining travel, stationery and running leaves me giggling madly.

Dubbo stampede
This one is held in the town of Dubbo in rural New South Wales and sounds like a great way to combine a weekend away and a fun, relaxed event. Thinking about adding this to the list for 2015.

Hot chocolate 15km
I’m not sure this needs much explanation. It involves chocolate. Enough said ๐Ÿ™‚

Bushy parkrun
I love participating in my local parkrun and love the idea of some parkrun tourism as well. The ultimate parkrun would be to have a run around where it all started. And all absolutely free. Other than the minor barrier of a plane ticket to London, of course.

What other races do you have on your bucket list? Any amazing ones you’ve done which are worthy to add to my list?