parkrun tourism @ murray bridge

When it’s time to plan holidays now, there is always an extra consideration on top of the usual flights, transport and accommodation – how can I fit a parkrun (or two) into the itinerary? Over the last 10 days, we’ve had an adventure crossing the Nullarbor so were very pleased to bookend our adventures with a couple of parkruns, starting with one in South Australia at Murray Bridge.

This course starts and runs alongside the Murray River which is very picturesque (despite the dark clouds rolling in). I was worried I was in the wrong spot to start with as there weren’t many people there – this is a smaller parkrun but all the more friendly and welcoming for it.


The view from the start line at Murray Bridge parkrun

Run briefing done, we headed to the start line and I put myself at the back, as usual although, at the suggestion of a local, moved ahead of the prams. This is a very family orientated parkrun and it’s great to see kids of all ages get out there and enjoy their 5km run/walk/amble along the river.

The course is right along the river so you get entertained with wildlife, rowers, kayakers and a parked paddlesteamer as well as the usual walkers and cyclists along the path. It’s a 2 lap out and back course which feels both strange and good – you’ve only run 1.25km before you’re heading back to the start then around a big gum tree for your second lap. This means you pass everyone a lot of times and there is a really positive, encouraging vibe on the course. The path is part concrete, part gravel and the turnaround point veers away from the river up some old train tracks. A very picturesque way to start your Saturday.


The turnaround point is along some old train tracks

There were a few fat raindrops landing just in the last stretch but, by then, they were quite welcome and I pushed it a bit to finish in a pretty good time. We stopped for a quick chat with some locals afterwards but didn’t have time to stick around for breakfast – we had a lot of kilometres ahead of us to get to Perth and were keen to get underway!

Overall, a great parkrun – very friendly, low key and wonderful for families, walkers and runners of all ages and speeds.