Pressing pause

I think my Strava summary probably tells the story of my current running life quite well – I’m not running at the moment.

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 9.24.04 am

My last run was cut short 600m in by rolling my ankle down a hole in the footpath and I’ve been nursing the resulting sprain ever since. It’s definitely improving but, on physio’s orders, I’m not to run for at least another week, possibly two.

To start with, my frustration levels were high. I’d just started to get back into a regular routine after the post-marathon blues and was working my way back to marathon fitness. My mental health has certainly taken a hit – I depend on running so much for my ‘zen time’ and endorphins and haven’t been able to find an appropriate substitute in the last fortnight. Sitting on the couch is no fun when it’s not accompanied by the smug ‘I’ve just run a long way and deserve a rest’ thoughts.

I’ve missed the personal connections too. I know I could have still gone to parkrun for the social aspect but, as the volunteer roster was already full, just didn’t feel like I had a place there so couldn’t get out of bed for it. Considering how much of my running I do alone, it’s interesting how much I feel disconnected from my network when I can’t run.

I’m more at peace with it now – it is what it is. Injuries have happened before, will no doubt happen again and aren’t the end of the world. I’m hoping this enforced rest will help me appreciate how much I love running when I get back to it and increase my gratitude that I’m able to do it. And I’m already dreaming of where I can go for my first, post sprain runs. My beloved trails are calling me 🙂

One thought on “Pressing pause

  1. Sounds like your perspective is exactly in the right place Gill. You’re gonna have so much gratitude and appreciation when you’re able to get back out there–it’s gonna be a lovefest! x


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