Dust off the sugar coating – getting back into it is hard

Time for a reality check people – getting back into exercise (or anything else for that matter) is hard. Between my injuries and then a virus I caught on the plane coming home, I haven’t run that much recently (other than a marathon!) and getting back to a regular routine is not easy. Once easy runs now seem arduous and long runs are not as long as they were, leaving me feeling a bit flat. No point sugar coating it – no amount of pixie dust (as they say at Disney!) is going to make it suck less. However having the right attitude helps.

I headed out for a long run this morning along my favourite trail with a blue sky and bright sun background and few others to share the trail with. I didn’t set a time or distance goal – this one was being measured in enjoyment and I tried to capture every moment of joy it brought. I’d forgotten how much I love the downhill sections – how I feel like an elite endurance athlete as I kick my legs into neutral and let them go. I smiled at the hang glider overhead and how he kept swooping between me and the sun, casting a shadow as I ran. I’d forgotten how much I actually like running uphill, finding it easier than walking them, even if my lungs do burn. And, on the way back, I ran and walked along the beach and remembered exactly how lucky I am to live not only in this incredible country but so close to this beach to have it as my running track. The more I travel the world, the more I am convinced that Australia is the best of it, all in one stunning package.

I tried not to think of how many times I needed to walk or what my pace was or how I turned around a lot sooner than I normally would. I know it’ll get better as I keep pushing but I have to give it time. In the back of my head, I have a new weapon in my arsenal – I am a marathoner. Regardless of how challenging this feels right now, I know what I’m capable of and know that I can do anything I set my mind to.

So, it’s hard. But at least this is a ‘hard’ I get to choose for myself. People all over the world are going through hard stuff that they didn’t get to choose and that is much harder than this. This? It’s just running. And running is great. So, hard or not, time to get on with it 🙂

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