Dopey training – week 23

This week was, understandably, a little less intense than last week. I pulled up surprisingly well after the mini-Dopey of last weekend and wasn’t particular sore, just pretty tired for a few days. I had already decided to push my mid-week runs back so didn’t run until Thursday. As runs go, it was pretty good. I kept up the intervals and felt ok, other than generally feeling a bit sluggish.

After the run, my calf was hurting more than I like so I was a bit undecided about whether to run on it again or take the opportunity of some low mileage weeks to rest it. Decisions, decisions.

Like most runners, I don’t find decisions that involve not running easy so, of course, I chose to run again on Saturday as we headed to Sunbury parkrun. I started out running consistent intervals on this one then thought ‘why’ and walked a lot more to try to take it as gently on my leg as possibly. It wasn’t particularly easy as the course had a few ups and downs….and who can resist running downhill?!? Not I! And, afterwards, my leg was again grumpy with me.

So on Sunday, I actually listened to my body and rested. I foam rolled, I bathed in Epsom salts, I did regular calf raises and I thought as many positive thoughts as I was capable of. I’m convinced that my ‘injuries’ are worse when I have time to think about them and this has been confirmed today – with the busyness of work today, my leg hasn’t hurt at all.

The start line isn’t far away and the first challenge is to reach it, healthy and uninjured.

Weekly summary:

Thursday: 5km (44:57)
Saturday: 5km (44:14)

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