Dopey training – week 15

We’ve ticked over the halfway point in marathon training now so, in out and back terms, we’re on our way home. Except that the return leg of this journey is longer and subject to more freak outs than the first. Between now and marathon day, there will be a whole heap of ‘furthest distances ever’ and I’m firmly pushing them from my mind and just concentrating on the week of training ahead.


This week was a low mileage week after last week’s mega effort. I didn’t end up running on Tuesday so pushed it out to Wednesday instead, heading out to my favourite trail and making the most of the beautiful day. I hadn’t realised how fatigued I was until I started running and it was like there was no fuel in the tank. Even the first kilometre felt impossible. I consoled myself with the fact that I was bound to feel tired after the weekend and just to take it easy. Any pace faster than the virtual balloon ladies is ok.


Friday was a better run – I was looking for somewhere different and went to Anakie Gorge which I’ve walked before but never run. It was the perfect trail and exactly what I needed. It has a few vague inclines but nothing too taxing, a mix of scenery and enough variety to the trail surface to make you work a bit.


Saturday was another parkrun launch, this time at Portarlington and was a relatively easy 5km with my favourite running people. It was our last ‘short’ long run of the training plan which isn’t a bad thing – it’s always felt kind of wrong to not be running further than 5km on a weekend. In fact, I nearly went out for a run today to celebrate (commiserate?) the last day of school holidays but decided to do some gardening instead. Next week – Melbourne half marathon (plus warm up and cool down to stretch it out to 27km)!

Weekly summary:

Wednesday: 5km (45:10)

Friday: 5.9km (55:28)

Saturday: 5km (40:02)

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