Dopey training – week 11

I’ll admit it – the rain did put me off my run on Tuesday. I’d already got wet and cold on my walk to the train station and couldn’t face having to get out of a wet set of clothes into a dry set….only to go out and get wet again. I’m sure I made up some other excuses but really, that was it. The rain.

On Wednesday, I had another excuse – I felt like I was coming down with a cold, having clearly come into close contact with some of my students’ germs however I was running out of days to defer it to so I went running anyway. It was a slow, snotty and definitely not pretty 5km but it was done.

Thursday was a whole other matter – it was an absolutely glorious run (thanks to my immune system which clearly had fought off the invasion). Running with a friend, playing mountain goat up on the hills of our gorgeous You Yangs and a window of perfect weather – what more could you ask for? We weren’t breaking any records but this one was measured well and truly in smiles and was exactly what I needed. Again, we had a close escape and watched the rain approach as we were heading for our cars at the end.

Saturday was a short ‘long run’ and was an opportunity to visit another parkrun, this time Newport Lakes. I loved the trail and enjoyed running somewhere new and different. Next week brings the first of the multiple run weekends – eeek!

Weekly summary:

Wed – 5km (45:24)

Thurs – 5km (49:44)

Sat – 5.2km (41:03)

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