Dopey training – week 9

If there is a theme to this week’s training, it’s that Spring is definitely on its way.

On Tuesday, I was home at my normal time but, unusually, it was still light enough to ditch my head torch and head out. I love how the lighter nights kind of creep up and that is one thing about Spring that definitely makes me smile. It was also warmer than normal which is not something that makes me smile – can’t I just be picky and have light filled yet crisp evenings to run in?! I managed to stick to intervals and felt pretty good – the niggle in my calf is definitely improving although I was grateful it was a low mileage week.

I didn’t end up running Thursday and have no real excuse for that – I was home very early but wasn’t feeling it. This quite often happens when I know I don’t have that many kms to do – too easy to move it to another time. I ended up doing my second run on Saturday at our parkrun’s 5th birthday celebrations and had a brilliant run. It was one of those runs where it all comes together – running with a friend, running at a pace that was enough to push myself but not enough to hurt and just felt strong and happy throughout. Obviously the cake at the end definitely helped!

Today was ‘long run’ day……with a 6km run. It is one of the things I love most about the Galloway plan that you drop right back down every 2nd week and think it is this that will get me to the start line uninjured. However it feels weird and I probably have more trouble getting out for a short ‘long run’ than I do when it’s a mega one. Longer runs require forethought, planning and logistical considerations. 5km requires shoes, my watch and little else. Luckily my running timetable coincided perfectly with a friend’s today so we ran together along the river. It definitely felt harder than yesterday – maybe being later in the day or a bit more tired? We did manage to stick to all intervals, even though there were a few where we were desperately waiting for my watch to beep. I again felt so grateful to have a friend who I am so in sync with as sharing the run makes the time fly. I also really like the 2/1 intervals and have finished all my runs this week feeling strong.

Weekly summary:

Tuesday – 5.6km (45:33)

Saturday – 5km (38:13)

Sunday – 6km (47:07)

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