Dopey training – week 7

This week was one of late nights at school which made things a little challenging, added to which, I have some mystery pains in my calf. Although, knowing my history, they could actually be pains in my brain that I’m just feeling in my calf. It happens. To me, it seems to happen a lot.

Either way, the week didn’t quite go according to plan although I did know at the start that it was a low kilometre week which took the pressure off a lot and gave me a more relaxed attitude.

I had hoped to sneak Wednesday’s run in before sunset but didn’t quite manage it so it was a case of finding my head torch and getting out there. I had tried to get up in the morning but really aren’t very good at this so just have to put up with running at night. Luckily I like the quiet suburbanness of my neighbourhood. There’s really only one spot I need my headtorch – where I have to run on the road because they haven’t finished building the footpath yet. Other than that, I like the anonymity of running in the dark.

My calf didn’t hurt on the run but has been giving off odd pains since, for no particularly good reason. I turned up to Torquay parkrun on Saturday wondering whether I should run or walk it but it doesn’t actually hurt when I run which I find a bit odd – definitely not my normal pattern. Saturday’s run was great – not the 45 minutes of the plan but I’ll definitely call it a speed session 🙂

Today’s ‘long’ run was scheduled for 5km which is not really long at all. It was such a beautiful day, I headed down the river and had a glorious time. Winter is nearly done and I could sniff Spring today with wattle trees in bloom and green buds everywhere. Unexpectedly, it was also quite a bit warmer than I’m used to of late and that slowed me down a bit. Not looking forward to long runs as we roll into Summer 😦

Another week of marathon training done. Am determined to manage this calf pain carefully – goal #1 is making it to the start line uninjured as I’m no use at all without achieving that.

Weekly summary

Wednesday – 5.6km (45:21)
Saturday – 5km (36:48)
Sunday – 5.1km (42:52)


Looooove this picture (thanks Geoff) – I’m usually very critical of my running form but think I’ve got it right here 🙂

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