Ambassador of awesomeness for all

I recently was fortunate enough to become an ambassador for a wonderful brand of exercise gear, RunFaster. Clearly, as you would expect of the ambassador role, I do get something out of it and, in exchange for saying lovely things about them, get discounted gear. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m pretty open about saying both good (and bad) things about brands that I’ve encountered so I think it’s important that I’m transparent about this new role.

Saying lovely things about this brand isn’t hard and it was no happy accident that I stumbled upon them and their exceptionally eye catching running tights. As a runner whose bodily dimensions don’t fit the stereotypical image of an athlete, finding funky gear hasn’t always been easy and I’ve had to do some searching. Lots of searching. Apparently, people of my shape and size aren’t welcome in many of the high street sports retailers or at least that’s how I feel when there are no clothes in their ranges that will fit me…other than socks. I am welcome to buy funky socks from them. Er, thanks.

What drew me to RunFaster is that their clothes are gorgeous and available in a wider range of sizes which acknowledge that women of all shapes and bodily dimensions enjoy exercise and want to look good and feel good while doing it. That seems like a little thing but it really isn’t. Not being able to find clothes that fit and make you feel fantastic can be enough to put women off exercising, particularly if you’re starting out and already feel self conscious. Seeing only images in the media and in retail encounters of women who look nothing like you can be enough to make you feel you don’t belong in this ‘healthy’ club and should head back to the couch. When I saw RunFaster’s social media accounts with pictures of a beautiful array of women enjoying healthy lifestyles, I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of as it aligned so well with my story and my beliefs.

So I might get some ambassador perks for which I am very grateful but I’m more excited to be able to be associated with a brand that is putting out such a positive image about health and wellbeing for all. And I’m more than willing to share the love – if you have been thus inspired to try out some of their amazing gear for yourself (especially if you’ve visited their website and seen the new patterns just out!), use the discount code GL10 at checkout to get 10% off. You’re welcome 🙂

Ambassador promo graphic - Gillian

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