parkrun tourism @ darebin

What do they say about parkrun launches? Not one for ages then 2 come along at once! (Yes, I know. That’s really about buses but whatever!). I’m a bit behind in my blogging so stay tuned for launch #2.

However, back to launch #1….last week, we headed to Darebin for their parkrun launch – about an hour’s drive from home so not too far. Making it even better was the fact that a whole bunch of us had decided to do the tourist thing so I it felt like a home parkrun even though it wasn’t.

We arrived in time to get a car park in the main car park (although it was a bit touch and go!), queue up for the toilet and still have time for a chat before briefing. In fact the briefing was also very efficient as, even allowing time for the welcome to country, greeting by the Territory Director and briefing by our Run Director, we still had breathing time before the start time. Tick. This is another run supported by the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service so it was particularly pleasing to see so many parkrunners attend.

The Darebin course is an out and back course along the Darebin Creek Trail. It has some undulations although nothing terrible and the scenery is pretty – another hidden treasure amidst suburbia. For this event, I had plenty of time to experience it – I was walking, having injured myself a couple of weeks ago. I was lucky enough to have a couple of friends who were also walking so the time felt like it moved very quickly as we chatted our way along the course.

The crowd of parkrunners were very encouraging and supportive with cheers and smiles all the way along from runners and walkers. It was also great to see such a diverse range of participants – I love how launches bring out speedy runners, beginning runners, Saturday strollers and everyone in between.

Overall, another great parkrun kicked off with a very successful launch with 252 parkunners. Well done to the event team for both a smooth delivery on the day and for the months of work behind the scenes to pull it all together.


Lucky to be able to walk the scenic course with these 2 fabulous friends

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