Today should be my long run day. My brain clearly knew it as I was awake at 6am and feeling enthusiastic and eager. My body, unfortunately, has other ideas.

From the first few steps at parkrun yesterday, I knew that my calf was still not quite right, despite a great morning run on Thursday without pain. By 1km into parkrun, I was walking and not happy. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve contemplated not finishing a parkrun – yesterday was one of them. I did finish it and managed to walk pretty quickly (45 minutes with 4km of walking isn’t bad) but really had to work on not feeling miserable the whole time.

So I’m not doing a long run today. And have decided to take 2 weeks off running. Even typing that hurts. What will I do if I don’t run? Early apologies to my husband and cats for my moods that will inevitably result. The only consolation is that at least this is now and not when I’m halfway through my marathon training plan. My next event isn’t until early April so this really is a blip and not a major setback.

Here’s to fast healing and a quick return to running!

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