home or away?

I’m linking up with Patty, Erika and Marcia this week for Tuesdays on the run and the topic is….racecation or local runs?

This is a perfect topic for me at a perfect time. If you’re familiar with any events I’ve done, it will be clear to you that I do love a bit of travel (and, by a bit, I mean a lot). For my first half marathon, I flew to Hawaii. I love running in places where I don’t know how far away anything is and what landmarks I might pass. I like the thrill of new courses (and discovering new places to eat afterwards!). I obviously do run locally quite often but see these primarily as training runs for my real adventures.

However there is a dark side to this and it is one I’m experiencing at the moment – the pressure of travelling to an event. My friends and I have our hearts set on running the Disney marathon next year – our first marathon. I want to do it so much that I find myself grinning whenever I think about it. I’ve read countless blogs on the topic and feel ‘ready’ (albeit without having yet started any training) and prepared.

However I’m already getting worried. It’s an expensive, extravagant trip which will mean tightening our belts significantly – things involving flights to the other side of the world tend to work out that way. What if I get injured during training? What if I wake up with a cold the day before? What if…..just fill in the blanks – there are untold numbers of potential worries. When it’s a local event, I don’t worry – I can always do it next time and haven’t put much into the logistics. When it’s a racecation, it’s a huge logistical exercise, this one being even bigger because it involves other people. Once booked, we’re going, even if I have to cheer from the sidelines which would be heartbreaking.

In fact, this one is so big, I’m still very much undecided about whether or not to do it. I’ve always been a ‘just do it’ kind of girl but I’m not sure that I’m up for a year of stress leading up to an event. I have until February to decide and I suspect, having weighed up everything, it will actually come down to instinct. For now, I’ll continue pondering. As I pack for Cadbury half marathon in Hobart which we fly out to on Friday. Yep, clearly a fan of the racecation!


Hanging out with Freddo at the 2016 Cadbury half marathon

4 thoughts on “home or away?

  1. That is a huge commitment. The farthest I’ve gone for a race was from the US to Ireland. It all worked out fine and we were going for a two week family vacation, so if the race hadn’t worked out it was fine. Good luck figuring it out!


    • Thanks for the comment – yes, it is a big commitment but I guess I am known for doing slightly ‘out there’ things!!! As I said, I’m sure it will be a ‘oh just do it!’ kind of decision in the end, especially if I can find cheap airfares!


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