parkrun tourism @ Cohuna

Launches of new parkrun events are celebration enough but there’s something even more special about adding a road trip and a night away. This weekend, we travelled up to Cohuna for their parkrun launch – a 3 1/2 hour drive and a night of camping made it feel like an adventure.

Cohuna parkrun is pretty special for a couple of reasons – for me personally, it’s very close to where I grew up and I loved being able to come back to help them launch. In addition, it’s a very small community (population of a bit over 2000) who have done an incredible job to get this off the ground.

We stayed at the Cohuna Waterfront caravan park with a location that is simply beautiful – surrounded by the gentle waters of Gunbower Creek. It was a view that it was hard to tear ourselves away from although the birds and then the frogs kept us company into the night, reminding us where we were.


The view from our campsite on the Gunbower Creek

From there, the startline for parkrun was a 10 minute walk and we arrived and chatted to some of the other tourists we knew who had made the trek. It was also great to see a good contingent of locals and quite a few families ready for their 5km.

The official welcome and briefing were delivered and the course explained….mostly. Due to the difficulties of having to find a 5km track that doesn’t cross roads, they’ve had to be imaginative at Cohuna and have created a 2 1/2 lap loop. It sounded quite confusing but was easy enough to follow once you were out there with lots of marshals and great signage to remind you where to go.


With another event on Sunday and a slightly dodgy leg, I had decided to walk this one and it was a great opportunity to enjoy the scenery and the spectacular weather as well as chat to some of the locals. The course is a great meander along the water and through the trees with the loops making it all go quite quickly. Doing laps and the out and back section also mean that you pass people lots of times, adding to the friendly atmosphere.


finish line 🙂

We followed up our parkrun with a breakfast worthy of the drive to get there – the fluffiest pancakes you could imagine and great coffee over the road at the pub, all while sitting outside enjoying the sunshine. Perfect.


Lots of bridges to cross on this parkrun course 🙂

Overall, another fabulous parkrun and definitely one to add to your list. A huge well done to the team for getting it off the ground – great location, friendly atmosphere and an ideal excuse for a weekend away.


fellow parkrun adventurers….and a fish 🙂 photo by Gary Light




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