parkrun tourism @ point cook

It’s quite funny that it’s taken me 2 years and lots of touristing elsewhere to finally make it to Point Cook parkrun. It’s 30 minutes drive from my house, only a few minutes further than my regular parkrun in Geelong.

This is very much a suburban parkrun running through an estate parkland area and with the scenic view of the backs of houses on one side and the creek and accompanying parkland on the other. While it isn’t the most scenic of spots, it has a lot going for it – very easy to get to (a short detour from the freeway), good facilities and a committed and friendly event team.

The course itself is easy to follow – an out and back which follows the concrete path and has good signage on the path itself. It was also a nice change to find that it’s pretty much flat – the description said ‘undulations’ but I didn’t really notice any (or none that compared to Balyang’s) and wide enough to overtake for most the way.

Most importantly, I had a fantastic run because I was there with one of my great running friends who I met through five30runners a while ago. We don’t get to run together often but, when we do, I know it will be fun and that the kilometres will tick by with me barely noticing them. Hence why the only photos of this run are those taken by the parkrun photographer of the day – far too busy chatting to get my phone out on the run!


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