Being grateful

This weekend was probably the first in a while when I didn’t have any specific, must do events planned. I knew I had to get a long-ish run in but, at 10km, I knew it wouldn’t take up a huge chunk of time or effort and wouldn’t eat up my whole weekend as has been the case for the last few weeks.


On Saturday, I trotted along to Balyang Sanctuary parkrun for a stint as timekeeper then on Sunday morning, I ran the You Yangs parkrun course for their trial with some friends before the launch next weekend. As that wasn’t quite long enough to satisfy my long run requirements, I headed off (after coffee!) into town for another 5km through the park and along the beach.


Amidst all of this, I felt an amazing and quite overwhelming sense of gratitude. I can run. I live somewhere where there is varied and amazing scenery within half an hour of my doorstep. I have been lucky enough to meet a diverse group of running friends who make me smile and encourage me. I am further inspired by their achievements. I have enough money to not worry about where my next meal is coming from and to fund my running shoe habit. I’ve been fortunate enough to tick a lot of different and interesting events off my running wishlist, locally and a long way away. Above all of that, this weekend was wrapped in blue skies and sunshine – how can you possibly not be grateful for all of that?


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