parkrun tourism @ Rhodes

Another mega running weekend started as all weekends should – with a parkrun.

I was lucky enough to be hanging out with some fabulous running friends for the weekend and headed with them out to Rhodes parkrun. It was a very easy train to get there, being only a short walk from Concord West station. We arrived a little early but that gave us time to have a required toilet stop and chat as well as catching up with parkrun royalty, Tim Oberg, CEO of parkrun Australia.


We were then treated to a warm up led by one of the parkrunners (who also happens to be an accredited running coach – got to love having connections!) and the briefing before we headed off to the start line.

The course runs through Bicentennial Park, starting with a 1km loop which takes you back over the start line before heading off on the out and back section. While the start does get a bit crowded, it’s great to loop back through that area for the extra cheers and encouragement you get from the volunteers stationed there. The out and back part takes you along a concrete path which leads along to the river giving you some initial glimpses then a great panorama of the riverfront. While you are running alongside a very busy road, I can’t say I really noticed it much as I was more interested in the parks around me. There is ample signage around and marshals to direct you as well as plentiful chalk arrows on the ground.


I took it very easy on this run, knowing I had a bigger one coming up the next day and I just pottered along, enjoying the scenery. After we finished, we all headed off on a hunt for some breakfast and found a little organic cafe near the station which was great – sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather. What was quite amusing was the huge queue of people for a cafe just along from ours. We weren’t sure why so asked them – apparently they serve a breakfast platter which draws crowds from far and wide. Must have been good as people were queuing for ages. I was more than happy with my eggs on toast.


Overall, I enjoyed both the course and the atmosphere at Rhodes – friendly and welcoming as well as a very pretty place to go exploring. Most importantly, easy to get to for those of us not so familiar with Sydney transport and locations. My first Sydney parkrun, ticked off the list 🙂

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