Hoka One One trail series – event #3 Silvan

It’s a busy time for running events and this weekend was no exception with both a parkrun launch and the third event in the Hoka One One trail series, this one at Silvan Reservoir.

I was really excited about this one which shows how far I’ve come – hills used to terrify me, now I relish the challenge. It was also another chance for a great weekend away with my husband and running friends so definitely something I was looking forward to.

Our accommodation was only about 15 minutes drive so it wasn’t too early a start; it was definitely rather chilly as we got out of the car at the top of the hill and headed down to the event village. The long, medium and short courses had much closer start times for this event which made things a lot better – not so much standing around waiting after we’d waved people off. I waved off friends in the long course then, 5 minutes later, the medium course and had time for a toilet stop before I headed off for the short course start 30 minutes later.

The short course at Silvan was simply gorgeous. We headed up a road as we left the start then turned onto some single tracks which wove through the bushland, fringed by tree ferns. The weather was absolutely perfect for running – cold but not ridiculously so and spots of blue sky here and there.


One of many logs, trees and branches that needed to be negotiated

The short course runners were bunched up for a little while but soon spread out and I felt for a long time like I was running on my own which was wonderful. I felt no pressure to run a particular time or keep up with anyone – just wanted to be out there, enjoying it. There were 2 women close by who I played leapfrog with for most of the event and it was good to share a quick laugh then get back to it.

There were some undulations but nothing too terrible – some good downhill stretches complete with mud for me to test out my new trail shoes; I’m pleased to say they acquitted themselves perfectly. While others around me were very carefully weaving down the hills, I just went, confident that I wasn’t going to slip and slide my way to the bottom.

And then, after what seemed like rather a short time, we met the hill we’d all been waiting for. The hill from hell. I knew it would be bad but actually found myself laughing when I saw it as it was so much worse than bad. But not impossible. As I climbed it, it was funny to hear people’s reactions as they turned the corner and saw it for the first time – there were definitely a few expletives shared although talking pretty much stopped once they started up it. Breath could not be spared for such things. I had to stop multiple times although, again, was glad of my trail shoes as at least I wasn’t slipping and sliding my way on the clay surface. However I didn’t stop grinning. Yes, it was hard. Yes, I walked it and yes, I had to stop a lot. But I felt amazing when I got to the top and even better as I was enjoying the feeling of flying down the other side.


A photo cannot possibly capture the pain of this but perhaps the body language of the others runners gives a better idea

The last part involved running along a creek then crossing over a road before heading back to the finish chute where my friends and husband were waiting. Overall, it was an absolutely stunning course and I was really happy with my run. It obviously wasn’t the fastest but that just meant I got to enjoy the scenery for that bit longer. Bring on event #4 at Anglesea!


Lots of single track magic at Silvan


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