parkrun tourism @ torrens

I was in Adelaide for a conference over the weekend and couldn’t resist the chance to tick off another South Australian parkrun – Torrens parkrun.

It was a rather chilly morning when I turned up to the weir on Torrens Lake for the start. I was impressed at the set up at the start area including a Run Director with a microphone and speaker – definitely preferable to shouting over the excited chatter of the crowd (or the chattering of our teeth!). The briefing confused me slightly as the course being described wasn’t the one listed on the website; in fact, it goes the other direction along the river. Not that it bothered me – I was there to run and didn’t really mind where.


Soon enough, we headed to the other side of the weir, got ourselves into some sort of order and set off. The course is very easy to follow and runs alongside the river on quite a scenic path. A marshall was at the relevant point to ensure we crossed a bridge then ran back along the river to the halfway point (with another encouraging marshall) before turning around and heading back. It’s flat, pretty and not particularly lonely, being an out and back course.

The finish line requires you to run back across the weir which is a nice touch and provides the perfect short sprinting stretch. Add to that the friendly cheers from the volunteers at the finish.


Overall, a friendly and very efficient parkrun, clearly used to quite large numbers and welcoming to tourists visiting the city. So pleased to be able to include this one in my itinerary.


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