the stuff I do in between events…

I was thinking the other day about how my running blog has become a place where I mostly write event recaps. There’s nothing wrong with this however, as I want it to document the journey in its entirety, I think it important that I capture the stuff that comes in between, at least once in a while.

Last week, I managed 2 mid-week runs and was pretty impressed with myself as they both involved hills. More importantly, they didn’t hurt as much as I thought they might. And it seemed to be helpful as I got very close to a PB at parkrun on Saturday – my best time for a year. So I’ve decided hills really are my friend after all 🙂

This week has been fairly typical – I missed one planned run on Tuesday (usual excuses – tired, lacking in motivation and had a ridiculously sore neck) but managed a run around my home circuit on Thursday which was great. It was crisp, slightly foggy and perfectly wintery, requiring me to rug up in long pants and long sleeves. My ideal running weather actually. I didn’t cover much distance but felt good just ‘turning the legs over’. As well as being physically beneficial, I remembered how much I need those mid-week runs to reset my brain. It’s hard to convince myself not to head for the couch after a busy week at work but it really is important for my mental health (and makes me a more pleasant person to be around!)


In other very exciting running news, I had an arrival during the week – my 50th parkrun shirt! I’m very much looking forward to running my 53rd parkrun while wearing this – extra motivation to get out of bed on a chilly Saturday morning!


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