parkrun tourism @ Parkville

There have been so many launches lately around Victoria, it’s hard to keep up! However it’s definitely something to celebrate with so many different parkruns to choose from and I was so pleased to hear that another one was starting up in Melbourne, this time at Parkville at the top of the city.


It was a perfect morning for the launch – the type of crisp, Autumn day that just begs you to get out and enjoy it, especially with the leaves starting to make their crunchy presence felt under foot.

The Parkville course is very pretty – running around Princes Park in Carlton in a popular spot for runners and walkers. The start was a bit slushy  but you were soon out onto the path which is a combination of concrete and gravel as you go around. It’s very easy to follow and you run a lap and a half before heading back down the slight incline to the finish line.13131437_514365362088220_4246635070143623473_o
I wasn’t particularly aiming for a fast time this week, was just out there to have a run. However it turned out to be a pretty amazing run – I was fortunate enough to be able to pace a friend so that she was able to achieve a PB but I got just as much out of it. It helped me see how far I’ve come, that I was able to use the positive thoughts that keep me running to encourage someone else. Such a great feeling to be able to give back.

Overall, a friendly parkrun, a gorgeous location and a perfect, flat course. As this one is fairly close, I think I’ll be back – a great spot to visit when I want a break from the hills of my local 🙂


4 thoughts on “parkrun tourism @ Parkville

    • You’re right – we are really lucky here. So much choice on a Saturday morning! Hopefully you’ll get some new ones springing up close by soon!


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