parkrun tourism @ Cottesloe

Following on from my parkrun tourism to start our holiday, I completed the set with a parkrun at the other side of our continent, Cottesloe in Western Australia. Having sat in a car for much of the previous 7 days as we crossed the mighty Nullarbor, I felt a little creaky but definitely in need of a parkrun by the time Saturday rolled around!

We were staying at Fremantle Prison YHA (amazing accommodation option if you’re in the area!) so I was up early and walked down to Fremantle station to catch the train to Cottesloe. From there, it’s about a 1km walk to the start line so very easy to get to.


Fremantle Prison in the sunrise – love being out and about early!

It was a fairly small gathering of people for parkrun but a very diverse one with participants from all over Australia and 3 separate UK visitors as well. It’s also a relatively fast crowd with not many walkers so I put myself well and truly at the back to stay out of everyone’s way.

The course runs on the beach path which weaves through the scrub then up along the cliff with beautiful ocean views. At about the 2km mark, a marshall directs you down to the beach where you’re challenged with soft sand, dogs off leash and lots of other walkers and runners as well as your fellow parkrunners. An interesting mix! We all headed down towards the water to try to get the harder sand which made it a bit easier – I thought I was doing ok but my Strava shows exactly how much I slowed down!


The turnaround point – ouch!

Turning around the flag and heading back along the water, I had to play ‘dodge the wave’ a bit, misjudging it and getting my feet a little wet. A different marshall at a slightly earlier point than when we came onto the beach directs you back up to the path and you have a short, sharp incline to head up from the sand.

Back on the path, I plodded back along, a bit worn out from my brief stint of sand running. Soon enough, I was weaving along the path again and back around to the finish line with big cheers and congratulations from the friendly parkrun team as I crossed the line.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous course and definitely unique and I’m glad I was able to visit. Another state – tick!


Beautiful views at the start/finish and along the course

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