Movie review – Run Free: The true story of Caballo Blanco

If you’ve read the amazing ‘Born to run‘ by Christopher McDougall, you’ll know something of the story of Caballo Blanco, also known as Micah True. (If you haven’t read this book, stop reading this post immediately, purchase said book from your preferred supplier and read it before you do anything else. You must.)

This documentary, available to download through Vimeo or iTunes,  is part travel documentary, part running documentary and part biography. It opens with a news report about Caballo Blanco broadcast shortly after his death in March 2012 which positions this documentary well – it was begun prior to his death with many interviews already complete but necessarily changed tack after his death.

Interviews with key players in the Copper Canyons Ultra event as well as Caballo himself are interspersed with footage of spectacular scenery, glimpses into the lives of the Tarahumara and film of the race. The various characters involved with the event are a little crazy but immediately likeable and draw you into their world.

Obviously, it is a documentary that will interest runners of all sorts as you won’t be able to stop yourself dreaming of running it yourself (even if, like me, you’ve never had any wish to run an ultra). However I think it does have a wider appeal. Caballo himself was a fascinating character as are the Tarahumara people and their stories are compelling in their own right. If you’ve read the book, you’ll feel like you’re visiting old friends but my husband (non-runner and definitely hasn’t read the book, despite my insistence!) enjoyed it without this background knowledge.

So, whatever your interest, it’s highly worth a watch. And it’s inspired me to go out in search of some trails….


2 thoughts on “Movie review – Run Free: The true story of Caballo Blanco

  1. Thanks for this review. I didn’t know about this documentary. I love the book. Have read it twice. Whenever I feel running is getting tough I remind myself that I have all the physical parts to run and that I am born to run. Easy, light and smooth. Not sure about the fast bit, but faster than I was when I started for sure. I’m going to have to download the documentary and watch it.


    • I love your comment about reminding yourself that you’re born to run and have all the required bits – it’s one of the mantras that goes through my head too when the running is tough. Another prominent mantra is running for those who can’t & not regretting a minute of any run because I know there are people who would give anything to do what we can.


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