more parkrun tourism @ Wyndham Vale

One of the things on my running goals list for 2016 was to run as many different parkruns as possible and I’m certainly embracing that idea wholeheartedly. So far, I’ve managed to run at 6 different courses this year – 6!!! And, in this spirit, I was very keen to attend another launch, this time for Wyndham Vale in the western suburbs of Melbourne.
Wyndham Vale is what could be considered a ‘local’ parkrun for me and it only took us about 30 minutes to get there which was an absolute bonus. I’m so used to having to get up in the very early hours to go to parkrun launches so we arrived feeling refreshed and happy. Lots of parking, shelter if needed and toilet facilities – what more can you ask for?

Briefing done, we were soon headed to the start line and were greeted by a buzzing noise – we were accompanied in the early stages by a drone, capturing the inaugural event.

The course starts out around a small lake before heading down to run along the river. I wasn’t really expecting it to be picturesque – Wyndham Vale might be relatively local but I really don’t know much about the area. However the river was attractive and serene with enough curves and undulations to keep you interested. It is an out and back course with a very clearly marked turn around point and lots of marshals to keep us on the right track and offer encouragement along the way.

Coming back, the finish line is visible as you start the last kilometre so it feels like the

longest finish line in history but it’s worth it for the loud cheers and never ending support – it’s a great local crowd and very supportive of runners and walkers of all abilities.

After having your barcode 20160220_085125.jpgscanned, you can even grab yourself a snack and a drink without even leaving the area which is quite unusual and much appreciated.

Well done to the team on a fantastic launch – definitely another one to visit if I feel like mixing it up, especially as it’s just down the road!



One thought on “more parkrun tourism @ Wyndham Vale

  1. I ran the Wyndham Vale parkrun last weekend. The run along the river towards the turn out point is so lovely. Much nicer than Point cook.
    But I don’t have much to compare as I’ve only ever ran and 3 location. Point Cook, Bega & now wyndham vale.


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