parkrun tourist @ Hobart

I’m home from a fabulous running weekend away with friends – 2 events, great company & a top location – it doesn’t get any better than that!

We started our running weekend, naturally, with a visit to parkrun, this time in Hobart. With no transport of our own, we were very lucky to be helped out by a fellow five30 runner, Christine, who took us out there (and kindly printed out a forgotten barcode!).


The course, at Risdon Brook Park, is a short drive out of the city and is absolutely gorgeous. Being in the middle of a dry Summer, it is quite brown out there at the moment but still stunning and such a beautiful place to run. It’s trail all the way as the course makes its way around the dam. It’s definitely not a flat course and suggesting it has ‘undulations’ doesn’t cover it either – this one is definitely hilly. Added to this, the trail surface can be slippery, particularly on the downhills, adding to the challenge.

On this trip, we walked the course as we were saving ourselves for the big event the next day. For us, it was a beautiful, scenic bush walk (with a very, very small sprint for the finish line!) and chance to soak up the scenery but we all said we’d love to come back and give it a go running it.

Even better, there were 2 parkrunners celebrating milestones (a 50th and 100th run) so we got to join in with cake. We followed this by breakfast at a local cafe with both local parkrunners and some of the many tourists who were down in Hobart for marathon weekend. It was a great morning – I’m always so grateful for how welcoming and friendly runners in general are but specifically those from the five30 family. It doesn’t seem to matter where you go, there’s always a friendly face.

So, that’s part one of the weekend. The pre-event. Half-marathon race recap to follow!

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