Doing the double on New Year’s Day

‘Doing the double’ might not mean much to you but to parkrunners at this time of year, it means a lot. On New Year’s Day, it has become a tradition to run at 2 parkrun events as events that are close geographically often stagger their times on this special day. So, this year, I thought I’d join in with the tradition.

The parkruns of choice for today were Coburg and Maribyrnong, about 7km apart with Coburg starting at 8am and Maribyrnong at 9.30am.

I will confess to being a little apprehensive about this one as I knew it had some hills (which I am slowly becoming better friends with). However I rocked up anyway, ready to take on the challenge.

The course is gorgeous and quite diverse – over rickety bridges, under grand stone arches, along meandering paths and through a very scenic park. And yes, there are some hills but, as hills tend to, they go both up and down and I thoroughly enjoyed the ‘down’ bits, while not hating the up bits too much at all.

Best of all, I was running this one with some of the great group of people who are the five30runners so I got lot of encouragement along the way and cheers at the finish line (which, mercifully, comes at the end of a downhill bit so you don’t quite look as exhausted as you feel).

A great course and one I probably would do again. Probably.

From there, we jumped into our cars and headed for Maribyrnong, a short drive away. Despite me taking slightly longer than planned to run at Coburg, we still arrived in heaps of time and found the crowd had arrived as well….most of which were also doing the double. My friend, Maggi, joined us at this one so, thanks to our enjoyable chats and the fact that I had already run 5km, this one turned into mostly a walk.

This course runs alongside the river and we had lovely cooling breezes which were very welcome as the morning heated up. The path is easy to follow and surroundings very picturesque as well as giving you chance to look at the spectacular houses built along the way! The course loops around and meets back at the original path to lead you to the finish and its flatness was much appreciated after the ‘undulations’ of Coburg.

Close to the finish is ‘The Boathouse‘ where we convened for breakfast – a perfect way to start the year 🙂


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