Is there such a thing as a ‘bad run’?

If you’ve ever hunted around on pinterest or instagram for running related stuff, you’ll have come across various inspirational quotes declaring that ‘there’s no such thing as a bad run’. But is that actually true or just something we tell ourselves to get ourselves out of the door?

This week, I’ve been catching up on reading my favourite blogs and came across this one from Laura at Lazy Girl Running and it got me thinking. It was still on my mind when I went out for a run yesterday. It should have been a great run – I’m on holidays, there’s no pressure, I was running on one of my favourite routes and the sun was shining. But it just wasn’t a good run.

Don’t get me wrong, I managed to talk myself into not completely hating it – after all, with views like these, it can’t be all bad. But the running part was hard, it hurt in general, non-specific ways that just sucked and making myself run further than the first 500m was a huge challenge. I’m completely surprised that I managed to push it to 7km as I swore I was ready to give up at 1km.

So yes, it’s possible to have a ‘bad run’. I think the secret is to not let that fact beat you and try to put it into perspective. One bad run doesn’t mean I hate running. And I still appreciated being able to run, get outside, enjoy the amazing place I live….all the while, wishing it was done and I was back at home. So maybe I don’t have ‘bad’ runs, just ‘hard’ ones.

What was your worst run?

2 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as a ‘bad run’?

  1. I agree about changing bad runs to hard runs.

    Some runs are just harder than others. Sometimes it’s because we feel physically, emotionally or mentally drained.
    Sometimes we have the energy by the weather says, “yep no pb for you today”.

    Sucky runs happen, but we shouldn’t beat ourselves over them. Embrace the suck I say.


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