parkrun #25 & a reminder that ‘This girl can’

I was back at my home parkrun this morning after a few weeks trekking the countryside and visiting some parkruns interstate and it was lovely to be home. The weather was typically Geelong-like – a bit nippy and overcast but perfectly suited for running without heat or glare.

Having completed Melbourne marathon 10km last weekend and done no running all week, I didn’t really have a plan for today, just wanted to get out and run which is what I did. For only the second time ever (yes, ever), I ran 5km without walking. Same as last time, my overall time was slower than when I run/walk (which I find hilarious) but I felt really good, extremely happy and not at all as exhausted as I thought I would.

It is a funny thing – this need I have to occasionally cut out walk breaks. They’re something I put in consciously, as per Jeff Galloway‘s program, to help me manage my dodgy achilles and push my distances out. However I also like to run it all every now and then to prove to myself that I can. It allows me to prove to myself (and the doubts that live in my head) that I run/walk because I choose to, not because I have to.

So, another successful parkrun done and halfway to my 50 milestone.

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