International parkrun day – Albury Wodonga parkrun

I knew that I was going to be on holidays for International parkrun day* which meant that it was a perfect opportunity to fit in another bit of parkrun tourism. Albury-Wodonga fit with our itinerary so I turned up there on a stunning, sunny Saturday morning.

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Happy international #parkrun day #running #runhappy

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I was lucky enough to meet Helen, another five30runner and chatted before the start. Every single person I’ve met from this group is great and Helen was no exception. It’s always good to have someone to chat to at these events and I love how, despite only knowing each other online, everyone from the group is easy to talk to.
With very few formalities, the event started and 208 runners set off. The course runs alongside (and, later, crosses over) the Murray River and is very picturesque. The first 500 metres is rather crowded, with people spilling off the path and onto the road, further complicated by the farmers’ market which was setting up in the park. However, after that, the group thinned out as we meandered alongside the river. At about 2km, the course climbs over the bridge and, oddly back into Victoria (the start line and majority of the course is in NSW) before running around a sculpture and along the path to the halfway point. By this stage, I was feeling the heat a little but was very comfortable in my run and so pleased that my foot was behaving itself.

The return leg was easy and went by quite quickly. I ran with and was chatting to a lady who was completing her first parkrun – she was doing a great job but, like many new runners (actually, like many runners in general!) was being hard on herself and worrying about how slow she was. I gave her all the encouragement I could, remembering how it felt to be doing my first parkrun just over a year ago.
gill running
Around one more corner and the finish line was there, as was Helen, cheering me on over the line. Barcode scanned, quick chat to Helen and it was time for us to hit the road to continue our roadtrip up north.
I was so glad to have been able to run this course – yet another beautiful one and with the distinction of getting to run in 2 states. And it was great being able to celebrate International parkrun day with a fellow five30runner 🙂
* For those who don’t know, this celebrates the anniversary of the first parkrun, held in Bushy Park in London on 2nd October, 2004.

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