music that makes me run

I know there is a bit of a divide on this one but I’m definitely a runner who enjoys running while listening to music. It’s not that I can’t run without it – I’ve been forced to do that a couple of times (usually because I don’t figure out my iPod is flat until I turn it on). I just prefer to run with – it helps me zone out. I actually consider it to be white noise to a certain extent – I’m not always aware of the song that’s playing, it’s just blocking out world noise and stopping my brain from concentrating on anything other than moving and breathing.

However there are some songs that, when they come on, I can’t help but smile and tend to run a little faster. Here’s my top five:

  1. Mr Brightside (The Killers): Favourite song ever and, from the first bars, it is guaranteed to get me moving;
  2. Let’s see how far we’ve come (Matchbox Twenty): This was part of a soundtrack for a J-Rock entry I helped with at school and brings back such good memories and it’s just the right tempo for me;
  3. Affirmation (Savage Garden): Another great tempo and full of positive messages – a perfect fit with my mood while running;
  4. Brave (Sara Bareilles): Another anthem of positivity full of messages I need to hear while running;
  5. On the verge of something wonderful (Darren Hayes)

What’s on your running playlist?

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