on your marks. get set. GO!

I’ve signed up for my next half marathon. You may (or may not!) be surprised by the fact that I think I’m just as excited and nervous about it as my first one. I know I can cover the distance but I’m already putting pressure on myself to do better, even just by a little bit. A little bit quicker, a little bit stronger, a little bit more confident.

I started my training plan tonight and am sorry to say that my achilles is already making its presence felt. Other than that, I felt good and strong, managing to run 4km with 2/1 run/walk intervals. It’s amazing how rubbish you can feel after a long day of work, only to have that feeling completely reversed by a refreshing run out in the great outdoors.

It does help that I got to play with my new toy – my Petzl headlamp which I got a little while ago. Makes night running so easy – I absolutely love it! I turned it off for the pic so I didn’t blind you all 🙂


Selfies in the dark are somewhat more flattering than those in the daylight!

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