parkrun tourism @ Tuggeranong

I’m always looking for chances to fit in runs in new places and get especially excited if it’s a Saturday and I can make it to a different parkrun.

On the weekend, I was in Canberra for a conference and decided to skip the first session of the day so that I could be a parkrun tourist at Tuggeranong. When I arrived, it was a balmy -2 degrees (which wasn’t as cold as the forecast of -6) but I was ready for it and was heavily rugged up. The run director was very welcoming and made sure I knew where to go through the first timers’ briefing. I was surprised to be the only tourist – I figured that school holidays might bring out a few but perhaps the cold had people staying in bed! I was also really pleased to meet a fellow five30runner who came over to say hi – made me feel very welcome!

The course at Tuggeranong is easy to follow and picturesque, hugging the lake. There were plenty of marshals on course which was great for a visitor – no way I could lose my way. I wasn’t particularly fast as I didn’t want to stress out my achilles too much. I’m happy to report that I didn’t stress it at all – no pain either during or after the run, despite the cold and concrete that I was running on.


I know it looks like I’m running on my own but I really was part of parkrun (and I wasn’t quite last this week!)

I didn’t get to hang around for breakfast after the run as I figured I really did need to make it to the conference – it was bad enough that I’d missed the first session! But I’d definitely recommend Tuggeranong parkrun and will be back if I’m in the neighbourhood again 🙂

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