Checking in on my goals for 2015

I’m linking up today with April from Run The Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from My No-Guilt life and Erika from MCM Mama for their Tuesdays on the run link up party. Today’s topic is 2015 goals update.

So, how am I going?

  1. Finishing a half marathon
    Done. Feels like a long time ago now but really did set my year up beautifully. I’d still like to do another one but it’s hard to top running in Maui! There’s a great one in Tasmania in January so perhaps I’ll start my year off with it again!
  2. Reducing my 5km time. Anything closer to 30 mins will make me happy
    My fastest time was in March this year but I haven’t really been anywhere near it again for a while.
  3. ‘Run sensible’ and injury free – listen to my body and do what it needs, not necessarily what I feel like
    This one is still my hardest challenge. My achilles is again being annoying and taking a few days off running feels like forever so I really have to make myself take any longer amount of time. But I’m trying.
  4. Increase my running habit, gently and carefully. Aiming for 4x per week
    I did for a while but it resulted in my current bout of achilles annoying-ness.
  5. Try out a trail event
    Funnily enough, I’m supposed to be going to a night trail event tonight but am having to pass because of my foot. I have done a few solo trail runs over the last few months and have absolutely loved them.
  6. Get back to my happy running weight (which was about 10kgs ago – oops!)
    Er, no. I think I’ve managed to lose 1kg since January. But, on the up side, I haven’t put any more weight on!
  7. Run as many parkruns as I can
    Definitely. I’m up to 16 – 50 club is a long way off yet but I’ll get there!
  8. Volunteer at parkrun
    4 times and another coming up soon. I’m even being brave enough to try new roles – timekeeper up next.
  9. Be a parkrun tourist at any opportunity I get
    I’ve run 4 courses other than my home one and am off to Canberra this weekend so will be trying to do my first interstate run (achilles willing!).
  10. Most importantly, ‘run happy’ (as the lovely people at Brooks say) and remember why I run – because it clears my head, makes me smile and makes me an all-round nicer person to be around.
    Definitely. And this goal is still so much more important than any of the others – so important to remember why I run and not just do it mechanically. I really am a better and happier person for running, which is why I get so frustrated when I can’t!

How are your 2015 goals going? Any you want to change or add to?

13 thoughts on “Checking in on my goals for 2015

  1. Such great goals & I see we have a few in common. You could do a half in Kauai next. 🙂 I have a goal if running a half in each state – I wonder if I could take my husband into running a half on each Hawaiian island, too?


    • I think running on every Hawaiian island is a great idea (although I wasn’t a big fan of the humidity!). I’d be happy enough to run in every state at home (in Australia) – perhaps that’s one for the list next year?!


    • Thanks 🙂 I think runners who aim for the 50 states are amazing – we only have 5 states (and 2 territories) in Australia and I think that is enough for me to aim for!!!


  2. You’ve done a great job on your goals so far! Staying injury-free is definitely a challenge…it’s hard to balance all the running you want to do with cross training. I’m trying to increase my strength work and keep up 3 days a week running before I start training. Hope your achilles feels better soon!


  3. I love #10 the most! Such a great goal. Sounds like you’re making great progress on your goals. Thanks for linking up with us today and I hope your injury clears up!


    • It started a bit over a year ago and I’m really not sure why – possibly an increase in training but it’s interesting that it’s also when I stopped regularly going to the chiropractor (and have only made that connection recently!). Going to start going again to see if it makes a difference 🙂


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