What to do when running isn’t an option

I’ve managed a couple of runs this week but wasn’t impressed as my achilles gave me grief both during and after both runs. It was doing so well during the first half the year but obviously hasn’t coped well as my mileage has built, no matter how slowly. And while I know I need to take a break to let it heal, that thought causes me a huge deal of stress. Running is certainly important for my physical health but a lot more important for my mental health – it’s my stress release & something I look forward to, no matter how tired or how long my day has been. What will I do if I don’t run?

In searching for solutions, I’ve dragged my bike out of the garage, cleaned it up and replaced the inner tubes to get back to working order. Despite it not being used for 8 years, it looks to be in ok shape (with just the odd spot of rust here and there – probably as many on the bike as on me!). I used to love riding my bike as a kid but have always hated it as an adult so my hopes aren’t high but I have to remember that I never liked running either and have clearly had a huge attitude change about that.

Would love to hear about anyone else who has been reluctantly forced into another sport or leisure pursuit but ended up loving it – I need all the motivation I can get!

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