running solo vs with a group

I’m linking up this week with April from Run The Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from My No-Guilt Life & Erika from MCM Mama and their ‘Tuesdays on the run’ link up. The topic today is running solo vs with a group.

It’s interesting that this isn’t a topic that would have even caught my eye a couple of years ago. When I started out on this running adventure, I was definitely a solo runner. While I like fun runs and being surrounded by a few thousand people, my headphones were firmly in and, effectively, I was still running alone. I ran my own race, at my own pace and followed my own rules, without fear of disappointing or holding someone else back.

That all changed when I actually found people I liked to run with. I don’t really have friends who are runners so it wasn’t until I joined a fabulous online running group (five30runners), went to parkrun regularly and started to meet runners who then became friends that my attitude changed. Since that, I’ve loved the opportunities I have to run with (and not merely surrounded by) others.


The great group of parkrunners I ran with during Run for the kids this year in Melbourne

Running with a group is awesome because….

  • I tend to run further and faster when I’m not the one setting the pace;
  • the tedium of waiting around for the start of an event is so much more fun when you’ve got someone to chat to;
  • finish lines feel even more amazing when you have someone to cheer for you (or someone you’re cheering for);
  • it’s a bit like having your own personal cheer squad to keep you going. And you get to be that cheer squad for others;
  • they get it. I can’t stress this one enough – I love my non-running friends but those I run with get the whole running thing without me having to explain (eg, why you would want to hang out in the cold and rain so that you can go and run an 8km race).

This doesn’t mean that I don’t still enjoy running alone – my weekday runs tend to be alone are a chance to clear my head, turn off the noises of the world and focus on simple stuff – breathing and moving forward. But my weekends are now often taken up with running with a group of one sort or another and, despite being a generally quite introverted person, I really look forward to those times.

Do you prefer to run in a group or solo?

3 thoughts on “running solo vs with a group

    • I was always a bit envious of people who had running friends – most of my friends think running for the bus is extreme! I feel very lucky that I’ve found myself some running friends so I have that option 🙂


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