back on the trail…

When I saw that today’s weather was forecast to be a sunny, blue skied day (coming at the end of a week of Autumn drizzle), I knew I had to make the most of it and get back out on the trails.

I headed down to Torquay and picked up where I stopped last time I went on the Surfcoast walk. There were lots and lots of families, walkers, runners and riders out enjoying the sunshine so the first part through Torquay was a bit of a ducking and weaving exercise. However, once I was heading away from town towards Jan Juc, the people mostly disappeared.


The scenery on this part of the trail is absolutely stunning. Once you’re around the boardwalk at Jan Juc, the trail climbs slowly up onto the cliffs and you are rewarded for your efforts with frequent, breathtaking views of the Southern Ocean.


This part of the trail is a combination of surfaces – concrete, dirt and sand. The sand parts in this section are short and easy – they were actually a lot of fun as I can’t say I have huge experience of running in sand and it took me a while to figure out the best technique (in case you’re wondering – landing on my forefoot, like I do when going up hills!). I still ended up with shoes full of the stuff – I’m assuming that’s just an accepted hazard that I’ll have to get used to!



There are also some hills on this section but not particularly big ones and the downhills make up for it 🙂

My achilles was starting to make its presence felt on the last km coming into Bells Beach so I was glad to be stopping there and waiting for my husband taxi service to collect me. Bells is as popular as ever with the car parks full of temporary wetsuit changing techniques (mostly involving a towel and the occasional accidental flash of flesh) and the waves dotted with surfers, bobbing up and down, waiting for the next amazing wave. I can’t say I like swimming in the ocean but I found it very relaxing sitting and watching them.


So, another section done. I believe the next part heads into much more of a traditional trail – away from civilisation and into more rugged territory. Bring it on!

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