Time for a goal check-in

As we’re now a few months into 2015 (and I’m on school holidays which is always a bit of a reflective time), it seems like a good time to check in and see how I’m going towards my goals for the year…

  1. Finishing a half marathon – done!
    Still feel very happy & proud of achieving this one and am looking around to potentially run another one later in the year 🙂
  2. Reducing my 5km time. Anything closer to 30 mins will make me happy
    I have reduced it a little with a PB a couple of weeks ago at parkrun. More importantly, my times are getting both better and more consistent.
  3. ‘Run sensible’ and injury free – listen to my body and do what it needs, not necessarily what I feel like
    I’m trying. My achilles is playing up at the moment so I’m back to stretching, foam rolling and have shortened my distances.
  4. Increase my running habit, gently and carefully. Aiming for 4x per week
    Not yet. See #3 which is making this hard.
  5. Try out a trail event
    Funny that I’m checking in with this today as a friend had just sent me a link to a local trail event a few hours ago. I’m thinking about it – just have to see how my achilles holds up first.
  6. Get back to my happy running weight (which was about 10kgs ago – oops!)
    I’m working on it. Slowly.
  7. Run as many parkruns as I can
    Have definitely been doing this and have just completed my 10th. I’m loving the camaraderie and feeling connected to my local community as I’ve never really been much of a ‘joiner’ before.
  8. Volunteer at parkrun
    Done! In fact, I’ve actually volunteered twice with another stint coming up in a couple of weeks. Lots of fun and worth passing up a run for.
  9. Be a parkrun tourist at any opportunity I get
    I’ve had 1 tourist jaunt with another couple planned over the next few months. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I’m planning our upcoming Sydney trip around ensuring I’m close enough to a parkrun on the Saturday morning 😉
  10. Most importantly, ‘run happy’ (as the lovely people at Brooks say) and remember why I run – because it clears my head, makes me smile and makes me an all-round nicer person to be around.
    Definitely! I lost my running mojo a little with the preparation for the half marathon. I think I had put so much pressure on myself with the whole race-cation thing that it squeezed some of the fun out of it. However the actual run well and truly put the fun back in and I’ve been back in love with it ever since. I also have parkrun to thank as that has also helped me to ‘run happy’.

Not doing too bad so far!

How are you going with your running goals for the year?

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