Calling upon the force

I’ve got a cold at the moment. Not a terrible one but big enough that it has made it hard to convince myself to do anything that expends energy. So there’s been this internal conflict going on – to run or not to run? I know I’m perfectly capable of running with a cold and I also know that I’ll feel better for having done so. The hard part is mustering up the energy to get my kit on and get out the door.

Indicative of my state of ‘meh’ is that I missed parkrun yesterday. Very unusual. This morning I got up and decided to catch up on my running blogs and a magical thing happened – I found some energy. I shall, for today, call it ‘the force’ as I feel like it works in a similar way to that which Yoda radiates. Reading about all the inspirational things people are doing, all the obstacles they are overcoming and all the amazing things they feel once they’ve done their runs was enough to stop me feeling flat and make me put my shoes on.

4km later, I’m still lacking in energy but feeling much better about it. So, to those of you who blog about running, keep it up. I need you. And I’m happy to return the favour & write something inspirational whenever you need it 🙂

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