the perfect time of day for running

In the past, I’ve struggled with trying to figure out when the best time of day to run is. It’s a complete balancing act and there are always positives and negatives to whatever time I choose. Early morning runs, even for me who likes waking up early, are a challenge, especially in Winter when my bed is so warm and inviting. But running in the evening can be hard to fit in amongst the other list of things to do as well as being the time I’m least likely to have the energy.

So I’m not sure what’s come over me in the last few weeks but I’ve actually been managing to run after full on days at work. Twice now I’ve come home, feeling completely exhausted, eaten dinner, done some more work then headed back out for a run.

Driving home from work tonight, I was trying to convince myself to run straight away when I got home but have found I needed that extra couple of hours to rest up before going off, full of energy and ready to hit the track. I think the key has been not letting myself off the hook. It’s Tuesday so I know I have to run at some point and there is the constant little voice in my head nagging me and reminding me how much I’ll love it once I’m out there. And the little voice is right – I did! The moon was up, full and very bright and the sunset was gorgeous – perfect running conditions.

And, far from leaving me buzzing before bed time, it’s been successful in sending me off to sleep pretty quickly. I know I’m going to miss daylight savings when they finish – I’d better make the most of the next few weeks!

When is the best time of day for you to go for a run? How do you motivate yourself to do it?

3 thoughts on “the perfect time of day for running

  1. I prefer night running as it doesn’t exhaust me for the rest of the day like a morning run can during an autoimmune flare – but I find it more difficult to fit night runs into my schedule as my family typically have dinner REALLY late! That being said, solo night runs can be a bit unnerving and are far easier to do on routes frequented by other night runners (e.g. The Coogee-Bondi coastal ‘walk’ in Sydney – although the pitch black section near Bronte was scary for those of us prone to tripping!)

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