parkrun pb

On the weekend, I ran in my local parkrun, which is something I often think about and plan to do but rarely actually seem to get around to doing. I’m not sure what stops me. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s a smaller event and therefore has a greater chance of me coming last.

Either way, this Saturday, I was there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The course that we run on is along the river and is absolutely beautiful. This week, it was further enhanced by rowers, cricketers, bike riders and picnickers enjoying the weather and stunning environment.

wpid-img_20141129_084553.jpgI had a great run – comfortable and without any twinges from the various body parts that like to wake up and give me grief. The first 2.5km sped by but I felt the subtle hills after the turnaround point so walked up them and ran down. I ran the last km quite comfortably and felt strong at the end. Even better, I got both a course and a parkrun personal best (by 4 seconds!) which I was really pleased about. My training hasn’t been great this week – I’ve struggled to get back into the rhythm since my injury and camp but my running on Saturday made me feel like I’m doing ok anyway.

If you haven’t run a parkrun before, find one near you and do it. Such a great, low stress concept and a bunch of supportive fellow runners – a great way to spend a Saturday morning.


2 thoughts on “parkrun pb

  1. Is that Balyang Sanctuary parkrun? I haven’t had a chance to visit it yet (although I am planning an epic tourism month in February), but it looks gorgeous based on that river photo alone!


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