runner’s gift list (aka what I want for christmas)

I’ve been inspired to join the Tuesdays on the run link up, hosted by Patty from My No-Guilt Life, Erika from MCM Mama Runs and April from Run the Great Wide Somewhere. The topic this week is ‘Runner’s gift list’. And what a marvellous chance to put out there in the universe what I’d really like for Christmas. I hope Santa is reading….

A subscription to Runner’s World magazine
I’ve had the trial issues sent to me recently and absolutely loved them, devouring every printed centimetre and re-reading frequently. Definitely at the top of my list.

A sub-30 minute 5km time
I had to put this down as it’s definitely in the top things I’d like, although I’m fairly sure even Santa would be struggling to get me there. I’ve definitely seen improvement this year but this one is still tantalisingly out of reach. For now.

A Garmin vivo-fit
This is clearly an excessive thing to add to the list but it wouldn’t be much of a ‘wishlist’ without big wishes. I already have a Garmin watch which I love and think this would be a hugely fun and motivating way to work towards my fitness goals.

A water bottle
Ok, this one is a little ‘out there’ as well. This isn’t something I intend to take running with me – I have a tendency to not drink enough during the day and need something inviting to drink from to give me an incentive. I currently have a dodgy bright orange plastic bottle on my desk at school which I don’t love and tend to fill and ignore. This one looks much more appealing.

Additions to my running book library
I think this deserves a blog post of it’s own. I’ve bought a few fabulous running books to inspire me through my injury woes but there are so many more on my list:

Brooks shoes
I’m an absolute sucker for Brooks shoes. Maybe it’s because they were my first pair of ‘serious’ shoes. And they felt sooooo good every time I put them on. Either way, I always try on others but end up with Brooks again. I’m running in Trance 12s at the moment and would really love to try the Transcend. Shall definitely be saving up my pennies in the New Year 🙂

A massage stick
Yep, I get that this one’s a bit weird but I keep hearing how good they are. And I do love my foam roller, especially on my pesky calves that are always tight. This one looks good 🙂

So there’s my wishlist (the short version!). Perhaps there is something on there to inspire other runners in your life this Christmas?

14 thoughts on “runner’s gift list (aka what I want for christmas)

  1. I would love a subscription to Runner’s World, but the actual paper kind. I’m terrible about reading it if it’s on my ipad. I like having the actual mag. in my hands 🙂


    • It’s interesting to hear you say that – I can’t quite decide. I like the portability of online magazines but find I’m much more likely to take longer to read a print one. Maybe I need both!!!


  2. Great suggestions! I love my “the stick” because I can’t seem to get the right pressure on my calves with my foam roller either. And I’m really interested in trying the vivo-fit too! Thanks for linking up with us today!


    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve been meaning to join one of your link-ups for ages but couldn’t resist with this topic! And now I’ve read the other blogs, I have a whole lot of new additions for my list!


  3. That’s a great list! The only thing I could want right now is a Mio Link, but I also don’t want it as I already have plenty of functioning heart rate monitors that need to die first! Also, it doesn’t talk to my beloved Nike watch (but does talk to my less-loved but far more functional Garmin).

    I’m a Zinio addict – so I subscribe to a variety of magazines, and the best bit is that they don’t take up any space (unless I print out pages…). I actually subscribe to the US Runner’s World, and love it. I tried to go without it for a while (especially since most articles turn up online the next month), but I missed it and preferred the layout of the digital “print” edition.

    Oh, and your massage stick (or foam roller) really should be at the start of that list – it’s essential running kit!


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