my new running toy. on a hot day.

I got a new toy in the post today and was so excited, I simply had to go out for a run to try it out. I had wanted a flipbelt for ages and treated myself to one in the lead up to 2 long runs I’ve got coming up later in the year.


A flipbelt is basically a tube of stretchy, non-abrasive fabric with slots at regular intervals to allow you to carry with you whatever you need on a run. The ‘non-abrasive’ bit is the key for me – I’ve tried running with all sorts of other accessories but always end up with sore bits somewhere as a result. Hence why I was so keen to test this out.

So, time to run. Except it was 33C here this afternoon and I was feeling hot and disgusting after a day of general chaos at school – my energy was also in very short supply. So I walked instead. Although I did break into a sprint when I got to a swarm of midges around the back of the lake.

wpid-20141107_193425.jpgThis is the view I have on one of my running routes and it always makes me smile. I feel really lucky to live where I do and have such beautiful places to run. As the sun was setting, the temperature dropped enough for me to no longer feel hot and disgusting – instead I felt happy and contented. Very zen 🙂

So I may have only walked with the flipbelt but, so far, it’s a definite winner. Didn’t even notice I was wearing it and it easily fitted my phone which is the biggest plus. I prefer to carry my phone when running but haven’t found an easy solution for that before now. Once the temperature drops today, I’ll be out for a run and will continue to my testing – will let you know how it goes!

What’s your favourite new running accessory? How do you carry ‘stuff’ when you run? 

3 thoughts on “my new running toy. on a hot day.

  1. Since I discovered that some tights come with pockets (on the sides), that is all I will be buying from now on! Of course, I still have plenty of tights without pockets (aside from a small zip pockets suited only to keys unless you want to run pulling your tights up all the time as the weight from the mobile makes you feel like they’re falling down – even though they’re not)… so I use a spibelt in those cases.

    Of course with summer approaching, I make use the regular pockets of a couple of Adidas shorts that I adore for their deep pockets and use regularly over summer. Nothing has fallen out of those just yet!


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