running through all four seasons

Autumn has always been my favourite season but I used to have Spring as a close contender. Not too warm, not too cold. Since I have actually been consistently running enough to call myself a runner this year, I’ve decided I really don’t like Spring after all. We need to talk.

I went out for a run today having checked out the weather forecast – a band of cloud heading for us but a bit of rain doesn’t bother me. It felt ok when I went out – not too hot and good cloud cover to keep the sun away.

As I got a few kilometres down the road, the wind whipped up. Only it’s a northerly wind which, in Australia, means it’s warm and offers very little relief. Then, just when I’d been nicely wind roasted, the clouds parted and gave me a dose of sun to crisp me up nicely as well. Getting to the final part of my course, a lap around the park, I discovered they’d been mowing the grass so my hayfever kicked in and had me sneezing for the rest of the run.

Ironically, the rain held off until I walked in the door at home.

Lesson learnt – I prefer running in Winter. And, until that rolls around, I need to remember to get up as early as possible and get out there while it’s still cool.

When do you like to run? Any quirks of the seasons in your part of the world that you love or hate?

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