pressing pause

Not so much running going on for me this week. In fact, none at all. Yesterday I visited my friendly physio to have my calf pain from last week looked at and was a bit trepidatious, having taken months to get over my achilles injury earlier this year. However the news was much better – I’ve apparently strained my gastrocnemius muscle which doesn’t take as long to heal and, having caught it early, should be back up and running in a week or two.

For now, I get to wear this very attractive taping on my leg. The best part of that was showing it off to the students at school today who clearly think it is a big bandaid covering up an impressive war wound. And who was I to burst that bubble?!?


3 thoughts on “pressing pause

  1. Massive sports tape jobs like yours are cool – regardless of the cause. If you ever feel like a dag, check out what my knees looked like in June 2011 (

    Random photos of stuff you wouldn’t normally take photos of is why blogging is cool. Especially down the track when you’ve long forgotten how things looked like! e.g. my arthroscopy scars – I didn’t realise how much they’ve faded until I flicked back to my old blog and saw an image of when I thought the scars were already looking good!


    • Thanks for the comment, Cecilia – very proud of my taping! Definitely a random photo – I had to get my husband to take it although a funnier photo might have been me trying to contort to photograph it myself!

      I look forward to this injury being a distant memory that I reflect back on – still feeling sore and sorry for myself at the moment!


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