the fantastic and frustrating of running

Something I have found hugely motivating in my running journey is reading other people’s running blogs. I love hearing about their stories, successes and even setbacks, as these help me see what others have overcome and make me believe I will too. So, for better or worse, I too am going to blog about my running, mostly as a way to chart my own journey.

This week’s running has been equal parts fantastic and frustrating.

The fantastic – As it’s currently school holidays, it’s been easy to fit in my runs and to time them to match the changeable weather around here so I’ve had blue skies and crisp air – perfect running conditions. My long run this week (6km – so not too long!) was along the river where it is peaceful and the surroundings perfectly picturesque. Even better, there were no swooping magpies to contend with, only lots of friendly fellow walkers and runners.

The frustrating – During the last kilometre of my long run, the vague ache in my inner calf turned into a more alarming ‘ouch’ and has stopped me running for a couple of days to rest it up. I tried again this morning – the ache is definitely still there but not as bad. Either way, I’ve learnt my lesson about listening to my body and will be booking in to see my trusty physio as soon as I can this week, just in case. Having injured my achilles earlier this year and taken months to get back to comfortable running, I’m very aware of every twinge, ache and pain. I’m crossing my fingers that this is a minor one.

What fantastic or frustrating moments have you had in your running this week?

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